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PUB SPY hits Roscommon

The troops loved every minute of their time in Larry's
The troops loved every minute of their time in Larry's

Pub Spy arrives in Roscommon and finds four high-quality boozers

Larry's, Roscommon Town, Co. Roscommon

We were western bound this past week, and back on the M6 as we headed for Roscommon Town.

The Old Commando was raring to go and he requested that we let him choose the pub this week.“I’ve a place in mind that I’d like to check out, if ye don’t mind.

And if ye do mind, well tough luck!” he joked from the passenger seat of the new hybrid pubmobile.

“I remember checking out a little spot about nine years ago and I’ve been itching to return ever since,” he added.

There were no objections from any of the Commandos, and as our designated driver approached Roscommon Town, the Old Commando guided him through the roundabouts and on to Goff Street.

We got the pubmobile parked safely and the Old Commando marched us up the street to Larry’s pub.“Well thank God, it’s still here anyway.

Although it looks like it’s had a facelift since I was last here.

It used to have a black exterior,” the Old Commando told us.We entered the bar and immediately we were thrilled to see the turf fire burning away just inside the front door.

The Old Commando grabbed some seats and dispatched the Young Commando to the bar to get the drinks in.

A fair-haired barman wearing a Larry’s T-shirt served us without delay and the Young Commando told us he was very quiet and hadn’t much to say.

“I get more conversation out of the missus,” he joked as he returned to our table.

He may not have been the chattiest person, but there was no complaints when it came to the porter.

The pints of stout, which cost €4, were thick and creamy and the Old Commando was enjoying every bit of his return to Larry’s bar.

The vast majority of the clientele were elderly males and there was plenty of banter and yarns being shared.

No one person was dominating the conversation and everyone present could hear what was being discussed.

It was almost impossible not to listen in to the conversations.

Every pub has a good story teller and Larry’s bar appears to be no different.

Each yarn was more elaborate than the last and we’d really have to wonder if half of them were true.

The blue velvet barstools and bench seating were all in good condition and the timber floor was spotless.

In fact, the entire pub was very clean and the timber v-sheeting wall panelling was a nice feature.

There are three TVs in the bar, including one dedicated to bookies odds.

Another TV had LFC TV on so the Young Commando was more than content to watch highlights of his favourite team.

“That’s all you’ll be watching if you’re looking at Liverpool winning anything, old highlights!” one of our Commandos joked.

“Or you could try the History Channel,” the Old Commando laughed.

We had to pass through the lounge section on the way to the toilets and it is far more spacious than the bar.

There is a pool table, a jukebox, a dartboard, a TV and a cigarette machine.

One section of the lounge is dedicated entirely to Liverpool FC with ‘The Kop’ sign and four scarves hanging from the ceiling.

The toilets were very clean with one cubicle, three urinals and a modern hand dryer.

Our Old Commando was delighted that he got to return to this pub in Goff Street.

He got to spend a lot more time here than he did on his last visit and he said he thoroughly enjoyed it


Murray’s Bar, Knockcroghery, Co. Roscommonn

The Old Commando made us promise that we would bring him back to Murray’s bar in Knockcroghery before he retires.

He’s still talking about it and is already itching to return some day.

This cosy boozer is steeped in GAA history and the Old Commando loved every minute of it.

He quizzed the locals and barman for the duration of our stay and he was amazed when they told him that the football hanging from the ceiling was the very one used in the 1944 All-Ireland victory over Kerry.

That great Roscommon team was captained by Jimmy Murray.

There is no TV in the front bar, just an old radio struggling for reception and a gas heater in the corner.

It’s very basic, but it was mighty.

The second section is somewhat more modern, with a large solid-fuel stove, a TV and a pool table.

We wanted to stay longer, but time wasn’t on our side.

We said our goodbyes to the friendly barman and we fully intend to call again.


Regan’s, Roscommon Town

 It was so wet and miserable when we arrived at Regan’s bar and we were very grateful to see the fire was lit and there were seats available next to it.

The solid-fuel stove is encased in the yellow brick fireplace and it is a lovely feature.

We ordered our pints of plain from the elderly barman and he served us right away.

The pints cost €4.20 and they were top drawer.

Pub Spy is not a fan of animals of any description in a pub, so we were disappointed to see a dog sitting at the bar with a customer, but that was our only complaint.

We loved Regan’s pub and we thoroughly enjoyed our stay.

The brown leather bench seating was very comfy and the red leather barstools were in good condition.

There are two raised snug areas and there is one TV and a large projection screen.

A quick glance at the toilets confirmed what we had suspected, they were spotlessly clean.


The Central Bar, Roscommon Town

It was the Young Commando’s turn to get excited by a pub and The Central Bar certainly did it for him.

While he really admired the pub itself, he was even more impressed by the beautiful barmaid.

She engaged us all in conversation and was very welcoming.

The pints of stout cost €4.20 and the Old Commando couldn’t fault them.

The stone exterior is certainly eye-catching and we all acknowledged how clean the interior is too.

There was a mixed clientele of all ages and  a very good atmosphere.

The coal fire was roaring and the black leather barstools were in good condition, although parts of the bench seating were torn.

The lounge area is very spacious and the toilets were also in good shape.

There is one cubicle, a stainless-steel urinal, and a roller hand towel was provided.

We left the The Central Bar with good impressions and we’d recommend a visit if you’re in the area.