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Top boozer's a model for cheap pints

Prendergast, New Ross, Co Wexford
Prendergast, New Ross, Co Wexford

We knew what we were letting ourselves in for when we chose to go to New Ross in Co Wexford. It’s the same thing every time we visit this town in the Model County. It had been over four years since our last trip and we were hopeful he’d go easy on us.

“New Ross,” the Old Commando shouted out with glee. “You all know who hails from New Ross now don’t you lads?” he asked, with a smile from ear to ear.

“Is it Kevin Doyle,” the Young Commando replied, winking at the other troops as we boarded the pub mobile for our latest journey.

“I don’t know who that is [he’s not a soccer fan], but I can’t imagine he’s as important as the 35th President of the United States of America.”

The Old Commando idolises the late JFK and anytime we visit his ancestral home, he gets very emotional. The two-hour journey down the M9 was full of JFK quotes and stories – you would think he knew him personally.

We crossed the River Barrow and into the town of New Ross and found a parking spot directly opposite Prendergast’s pub.

As we walked to the pedestrian crossing the Old Commando told us to put him on a pint of stout and he’d soon catch up on us. We wondered what could be so important that it would hold him, but the Young Commando soon spotted him standing and observing a statue of JFK.

“Oh the Lord God almighty. I’d swear he’s saying a prayer at that statue,” the Young Commando moaned.

We arrived to a warm welcome in Prendergast’s and the barmaid served us without delay. She engaged us for a few moments before resuming her daily duties. We applauded her work ethic as she never stood still, but the best was yet to come.

“The lager is only €3.90, large bottles of Cider are €4, or we have pints of Tuborg for only €3.10,” the friendly barmaid told us.

“Never mind the cheapest in town. They could be the cheapest in the country,” the Old Commando said. 

Pub Spy agreed wholeheartedly with the old boy, as he can’t recall the last time we paid just €3.70 for a pint, or under €4 for lager.

There are two sections to this pub and both are equally as nice as each other. The bottom bar, known as ‘The Pit’, is quite small but very cosy, while the top bar is very spacious and contains a pool table and jukebox. The red brick counter is a nice feature and there is a nice solid fuel stove in both ‘The Pit’ and outside in the small smoking area.

The Young Commando noticed a clock on the opposite side of the bar that contains photos of some legendary Kilkenny hurlers and he asked some locals why they would want anything from the black and amber hanging in their local bar.

“Well, personally we all like it,” one local replied, as he explained they were actually from the opposite side of the River Barrow.

“They hang it up for the likes of us to make us feel at home. After all, we let them build their golf course in Kilkenny so it’s the least they can do,” he joked. 

Our Rural Commando gave the loos the once-over and he reported back that they were very clean and contained three urinals and one cubicle.

The troops had a great time in Prendergast’s pub. The atmosphere was top drawer and we enjoyed the lively banter among the clientele. The cheap pints went down a treat too. Is there a cheaper pub in Ireland?