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Three cheers for the pints in O'Dwyer's

O'Dwyers The Chestnut Tree
O'Dwyers The Chestnut Tree

We would love to have been heading across the Atlantic Ocean to Virginia, but instead of the long-haul flight stateside, we embarked on a one-hour journey to the second largest town in County Cavan.

“You’d be too mean to pay for them flights to America,” the young buck said to the Old Commando. “Maybe you’ll fit in well around Cavan,” he added jokingly. 

We arrived at the Chestnut Tree bar at the far end of Virginia town and it looked like a very respectable pub. The brown exterior was in excellent condition and that’s always a good start. The Old Commando, however, had such a thirst to quench that he said he didn’t care what the pub was like as long as he got his fill of stout.

It was very busy when we arrived and within seconds the Old Commando was starting to regret his decision.

“Oh Jaysus no, I got this one wrong. It’s full of the rugby crowd. Can we move on?” he said.

We weren’t sure if he was joking or not, but we had no intention of moving anywhere only closer to the counter. We were greeted by a lovely barmaid and the Old Commando thinks her name was Irene.

We located seats at the end of the bar and they were in very good condition.

We were served without delay and made to feel very welcome by the barmaid. She engaged us in plenty of conversation and the pints of stout were pure cream at just €4.10. 

“Look boss, there’s a TV right beside you there, you’ll be able to keep an eye on the rugby,” the Young Commando teased. He said he’d rather go for a walk around the pub to check it out and so he left us to enjoy the atmosphere.

There was a mixed clientele in The Chestnut Tree and there was just as many women drinking pints of stout as there were men. 

The bar was very well stocked and everything was spotlessly clean. The yellow, stone fireplace is an attractive feature and the solid-fuel stove was keeping the punters nice and snug.

Our Old Commando arrived back from his travels and he told us there is a pool table, a jukebox and a dartboard located towards the rear of the pub. There are framed jerseys belonging to former Celtic midfielder Aiden McGeady and an Ireland soccer jersey hanging opposite the pool table. He counted four TVs in the pub.

He told us the second section was a lot quieter and more to his liking

“There’s not as much noise out the far side. Or should I say not as much s**te talk,” the Old Commando joked.

“Why don’t you like the rugby boss? You’re always moaning about it,” the Young Commando enquired.

“I’ve nothing against the game, even if it is dictated by a referee. It’s the punditry and garbage you have to listen to in the pubs from the new breed of supporter. I just can’t stomach it,” he informed us.

Thankfully the toilets were clean or it would have really set him off. While they were fairly basic, he described them as efficient. A sign behind the bar stating ‘I love my country, it’s the Government I’m afraid of’ kicked off a conversation about politics, but we quickly moved on as Pub Spy has learned mixing pubs and politics can only lead to trouble!

We had a great time in O’Dwyer’s Chestnut Tree pub and we’re sure to call again someday. The atmosphere was excellent, the barmaid was very welcoming and the pints of porter went down a treat.