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It's good stuff in The Inn, Raheny
It's good stuff in The Inn, Raheny

The Inn, Raheny, Dublin

THE pubmobile hadn’t far to travel this week as we headed to the northern suburb of Raheny in Dublin.The Old Commando was in top form and very excited that he only has to wait one more week for the boys in blue to light up Croke Park again.

“Last year was a minor hiccup. The Dubs will be as a strong as ever this year,” he told us on our short journey along the R105.

We let the Old Commando choose our destination and he opted for Raheny. The Young Commando believes he picked this area in the hope he might bump into former Dublin footballer and Raheny legend Ciaran Whelan.

Parking outside The Inn was scarce to say the least, but after circling the area twice we finally found a spot beside the parking meter right outside the pub.

It was very busy when we arrived, but there is a vast amount of seating throughout the pub, so locating a resting spot wasn’t a problem.

The velvet-covered bench seating and barstools were all in good condition although the red carpet was worn and black in some areas.

The barman served us without delay and he engaged us briefly in conversation. It was too busy to keep him standing idle, but the Old Commando did compliment his manner and, more importantly, his pints of stout.

Costing €4.60, which is “reasonable enough for Dublin” according to our Rural Commando, they went down with ease and the Old Commando described it as a “fine drop of porter”.

We couldn’t get over the length of the counter in this pub and we estimated it must be at least 40ft long. We counted three TVs behind the bar, four TVs over the counter, one in the top left corner, one in the bottom right hand corner and huge projection screen at the stage area. Regardless of where you sit, you’ll have access to a TV in The Inn.

There was sport on each TV, needless to say, but as the Premier league season comes to a close, the Old Commando reminded us that real football would commence next Sunday in Croke Park.

It was largely a male clientele, but the atmosphere was good and we really enjoyed it. The seating is well arranged and there are at least four private sections in the old-school lounge area. Before we moved to the bar our Rural Commando checked out the smoking area and he said the timber decking was very nice, although it was too miserable a day to stay outside.

The Rural Commando cast an eye over the loos and he said they were clean, with two cubicles and a large ceramic urinal. There is a small sink provided and the electric dryer worked.

The bar was just as lively, but the majority of the clientele in this section were backing horses rather than watching football. There are another five TVs in the bar and we made ourselves comfortable in the private snug section near the front door.

The Young Commando admired the framed Dirk Kuyt Liverpool jersey, but the Old Commando preferred the framed Dublin jerseys from 2011.

“That was a great year for the Dubs. The hurlers won the National League crown and the footballers won Sam. I’ll never forget it,” the Old Commando said.

We thoroughly enjoyed our stay. The keenly-priced porter was fine, the atmosphere was very good and the bar staff were friendly. This pub will definitely suit the sports enthusiasts and the Old Commando said if he couldn’t make it to Hill 16 next Sunday, he’d probably watch from The Inn.