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This lovely pub coming to the Boyle


Mattimoe, Boyle, Co. Roscommon

Just over four years have passed since Pub Spy and his team of crack Commandos paid a visit to Boyle in Co. Roscommon.

It was early 2011 when we last stopped off in this town and the Young Commando couldn’t believe we hadn’t visited the area since it became famous courtesy of Chris O’Dowd’s hit TV show, Moone Boy.

“I’d say half the country never heard of Boyle until that show came out. I hope it’s not as backward as it’s portrayed,” the Young Commando said.

“Well it’s not 1990 like it is in the show, so I’m sure it’s moved on since then,” the Old Commando replied.

We arrived in Boyle late in the evening, but thankfully the sun was still shining. Our designated driver found a parking spot on Patrick’s Street and we decided to take a stroll through the town before picking our spot. We were hoping to check out some boozers that we hadn’t been to before, but after 42 years on the go, that can prove quite difficult.

However, as we rambled on to Bridge Street the Old Commando spotted Mattimoe’s pub and he was of the opinion we hadn’t been here before. The stone exterior and bright red front door and window panelling was very attractive and looked freshly painted, while the gold nameplate is always something we admire.

“I see they’re flying the Ireland flag too. I hope their customers didn’t fall asleep during the two matches recently,” one of our troops joked.

We had barely opened the front door when we heard a friendly hello. We thought someone must have recognised us. It was actually the extremely friendly barmaid who was greeting us, despite being in the midst of a conversation at the far end of the bar. She was very welcoming and engaged us all in friendly banter.

The Old Commando always takes the first sip of stout among the troops as he considers himself the best judge of it and as he wiped the cream from his upper lip he gave us all the thumbs up. We took our seats in the semicircular red bench seating beside the fireplace.

There were logs set and ready to burn, but fortunately there was no need for it to be lit due to the recent good spell of weather. However, the white tiles were stained and would benefit from a rub of a cloth or perhaps even being replaced completely.

The red carpet was clean, but it is worn in certain places and may need to be replaced soon.

There is just the one TV in the front bar, but the Young Commando took a quick peak at the second section and told us there was a TV, a dartboard with electronic scoreboard, a pool table, a jukebox and even a miniature-sized basketball net. It’s definitely the first time we’ve come across that in a pub.

Our Young Commando proceeded onwards to the loos to give them the once-over, but when he returned to our table he was less than impressed.

“There’s a bit of an odour and they’re very small. One of the sink taps is broken and for the love of God you’d want a figure like Paul Galvin to fit into the cubicle. You needn’t try using it anyway,” he joked as he pointed at the Old Commando.

This pub was a finalist in the 2015 Boyle Business Awards and we really enjoyed our time here. The exterior is very pleasant and with a couple of minor adjustments the interior would soon be just as good.

The atmosphere was very enjoyable and the barmaid was a real delight. We hope our advice is taken on board and we’ll be back to check it out again in the future.