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Kingdom of Heaven was well worth the trip

Kingdom of Heaven was well worth the trip

The Old Commando felt all his Christmases had come at once when Pub Spy announced at HQ that it was time to visit the Kingdom.

He simply loves Kerry and it’s by far his favourite place to visit. However, the drive to Kerry is never a pleasant one and when you’re visiting south west Kerry, it’s even more tedious.

It took almost five hours to reach Sneem from our base in Dublin and most of our troops drifted off to sleep as we travelled south on the M7.

As we passed through Killarney the Young Commando began to moan when the Old Commando informed him that Sneem was still a good hour away. 

“It would want to be some pint of Guinness when you’re dragging us down this far. We’ll be running out of road soon if we keep going much further,” the Young Commando gasped.

After clocking up over 350kms, we eventually arrived in the village of Sneem and for all of our troops, the Old Commando aside, it was our first ever trip to the area.

The Old Commando said he couldn’t be sure, but it could be more than 20 years since he last visited the area.

The village of Sneem is divided in two by a narrow bridge and we drove the pubmobile to the second part of town, where  the Old Commando spotted the bright pink exterior of Danny O’Shea’s pub.

Our designated driver was instructed to find a parking spot immediately and he was only too happy to oblige.

“An O’Shea pub in Kerry, sure it has to be good,” the Old Commando said as he went in the front door of Danny’s bar. 

It was very busy when we arrived and we were lucky enough to secure the very last free table in the place. The Young Commando was dispatched to the counter and a young barman propmptly served him his heart’s delight. 

The pints of stout cost €4.10 and he told us they have a wide variety of beers on draught, including Killarney Ale and Rebel Red Ale.

We were expecting a touristy trade, but we were surrounded by Kerry accents left right and centre. There was a terrific atmosphere and the staff were kept very busy serving drinks and food. 

There are two TVs and the brown leather furniture and swivel barstools were in good condition. There is a raised snug area just inside the front door where the tables were marked ‘reserved’ and the Young Commando said it was probably for music later that night.

The Old Commando got up from his seat and went to check out the rest of the bar, but when he returned he looked somewhat disappointed.

He told us there is a Dublin flag hanging behind the bar along with other Dublin GAA memorabilia. There’s even a picture of Stephen Cluxton’s famous last-gasp free from when the Dubs beat Kerry in 2011. Usually these are things that he loves to see, but he didn’t expect to see them in Sneem.

“Perhaps the owners are from Dublin,” the Young Commando suggested.

The smoking area is located on the balcony at the rear of the pub and there are plenty of tables and chairs available if you wish to sit outside and enjoy the view.

The Young Commando reported that the toilets were very clean with one cubicle, which was wheelchair accessible.

We enjoyed our time in Danny O’Shea’s pub and we’d certainly like to call again some day. We’re sure there’s no shortage of  Kerry GAA photos in the village and we’d politely suggest displaying some of them on the walls of this pub.