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It’s a great pub to make a House call

Dundrum House
Dundrum House

Dundrum House, Dublin

THE Old Commando couldn’t settle. All week he was rattling with nerves ahead of today’s All-Ireland final. He was missing deadlines, forgetting to eat his dinner and, at one point, he even forgot where he parked his car.

“I just wish it was 5pm Sunday evening,” he said to us when we called to collect him.

“I don’t think I’ll get a wink of sleep over the next few nights,” he added.

“A couple of pints of the black stuff will help you relax,” the Young Commando assured him.

We decided to hit Dundrum this week, a town we haven’t visited in many a year. It should have only taken 20 minutes to reach the area from HQ, but with the huge volume of traffic visiting the nearby shopping mecca it took us an hour.

After circling the town in search of a parking spot, our designated driver dropped us off on Main Street and said he would join us once he could park the pubmobile safely. The rest of the Commandos made their way to the Dundrum House bar and after waiting for a few brief moments, the barman served us.

“What can I get you lads?” he asked us with a friendly smile.

“Get this man a pint of stout before he has a nervous breakdown,” the Young Commando replied.

“He’s a bit nervous ahead of the Kerry match. Anyone would think he was playing,” he joked.

The barman, who we think was named Paul, served up pints of stout without delay and it was reasonably priced at €4.55.

It was an all-male clientele in the busy bar and there was a terrific atmosphere as the punters debated the All-Ireland, the Rugby World Cup and the nags on TV.

The Old Commando polished off his first pint in record time as he aimed to settle his nerves and as he ordered his second pint he noticed some GAA figurines on the shelf behind the counter.

There are figurines representing the Kilkenny and Tipperary hurlers and the Offaly and Dublin footballers and the Old Commando said there was no room on the podium for a Kerry man, just like there won’t be in Croke Park today.

Parts of the red velvet bench seating are worn and the carpet certainly needs to be replaced, or at least cleaned.

The Old Commando excused himself to use the loos and he reported back that they were very clean and tidy.

He wandered out to the lounge area before returning and he told us it was a very spacious area where they were also serving food.

There are at least three TVs in the lounge and he said that there is live music every Saturday night.

“Hopefully there’ll be plenty of live music for the next few days,” the Old Commando joked.

The timber floor was spotlessly clean and in good condition and there is plenty of seating throughout.

He ordered a pint of plain from the lounge during his visit, but this time he paid €4.80.

“That was always the way. The lounge was always traditionally more expensive, but I thought that all stopped a couple of years ago,” one of our troops commented.

The black exterior and gold lettering nameplate was very nice and the hanging baskets always add greatly to the appearance of a pub.

We enjoyed our time in Dundrum House and our only crib was the lack of parking near the establishment.

It has become a nightmare trying to get in or out of the town since the shopping centre opened, but it wouldn’t deter us from calling again.

Perhaps we could take the Luas next time. Our designated driver would certainly appreciate it.


***Three-pint rating