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A five-star pub that's cot' the lot

A five-star pub that's cot' the lot

The pubmobile was gassed up and set for a long-haul trip to the Rebel County of Cork. The Old Commando told us he hadn’t been to Macroom in over 15 years so he chose it as our destination.

“Cork is a great aul county. There are loads of places to visit in Cork, but Macroom is always a good lively spot. Hopefully it hasn’t changed,” he said as we departed HQ. 

After three hours driving we landed in Macroom safely and once we secured parking on Castle Street, it was time to check out the local hostelries.

We walked back towards TP Cotter’s pub and the Young Commando suggested we give this boozer a chance. 

We duly obliged and we were forever grateful that we listened to him on this occasion.

The interior of Cotters is simply stunning. We were taken aback when we entered and before we even placed our order we were giving the place the once-over. We couldn’t find a fault anywhere.

“Hopefully the porter won’t let the place down,” the Old Commando muttered.

The Young Commando insisted on getting the first round and he made a beeline for the counter, which is very uncharacteristic of him.

It soon became apparent why. He was eager for the attention of the stunning blonde barmaid who was serving behind the bar. 

He placed our order immediately and the Old Commando was pinning all his hopes of awarding a five-star rating on the pint of stout. 
Pub Spy genuinely enjoys awarding the top prize to deserving pubs and has developed the ability to ‘just know’ when a pub is special – and we all knew there was something special about TP Cotters.

We sat watching the Old Commando take his first mouthful and as he was about to drop his glass he suddenly took a second taste before placing his glass back on the table. “Five Stars,” he said as he winked at the rest of the group. 

“Definitely this place is a five-star bar,” he said again. The crack team enjoyed their pints as the Young Commando informed us that the Guinness cost just €4.10 and the barmaid, who he claimed was named Roisin, was ever so friendly and welcoming.

We were having a great time in this lovely boozer and the only thing that surprised us was the lack of customers. For a weekend night, it was quieter than we expected.

The brown leather bench seating was fabulous and the cream, red and brown barstools were very nice too. There are two large screen TVs and there was a candle placed on each table throughout the spacious bar.

The Old Commando was on toilet duty this week and he was very impressed with his findings, as he told us they were immaculately clean.

He took a few moments to check out the GAA memorabilia located in the hallway near the smoking area, where there is a framed Cork GAA jersey from the 2010 All-Ireland football win hanging alongside a Macroom GAA jersey from their Intermediate football win that same year.

We were so content to stay in TP Cotters and as time ticked on a bigger crowd began to arrive. A second blonde barmaid arrived and this made our job of getting the Young Commando to leave even harder.

This pub is among the best we have visited in 2015. It is clear to see the owner takes great pride in its appearance. 

It’s a beautiful pub and we’d certainly recommend a visit if you’re passing through Macroom.