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Grape Expectations

Grape Expectations

These ginormous grapes are raisin eyebrows in food halls across the country.

These super-sized berries from Marks and Spencer will surely get you in grape shape in the run-up to bikini season.

Marks & Spencer’s has today introduced a new kind of super-sized King Grape to Ireland for the first time – and word on the grapevine is that they are pretty darn tasty.

King Grapes are at least a third bigger than a normal grape, and are hand selected from the vine before being checked to ensure they meet the target size of at least 25mm.

The new M&S King Grapes have a delicious super sweet, plummy flavour.

Zeina Chapman, M&S fruit buyer, says: “We work closely with our suppliers to bring our customers new and exciting fruit, and we’re thrilled to be introducing Ireland's biggest ever grape.” 

The new variety was originally grown in California but is now being cultivated by M&S growers in the Hex Valley region of South Africa. They’re great frozen - when used as ice cubes they keep your drink cold without watering it down. They’re also perfect to use in smoothies.

Zeina says: “We’re sure our customers will be wowed by their huge size and love their super sweet flavour – perfect for grape lovers looking for a bigger bite.”

M&S King Grapes are available in stores nationwide priced at €5.79 for 400g.

By Christy Laverty