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First Toblerone, now Maltesers packets are getting smaller

Malteasers packets are getting smaller
Malteasers packets are getting smaller

Hot on the heels of the outcry over the redesign of the Toblerone, now chocolate lovers are also going to have to deal with a few less Maltesers in their sharing packets.

Last week there was outrage over the Toblerone redesign that left the chocolate with bigger gaps between the famous peaks, meaning less chocolate per bar.

The Maltesers issue, discovered by retail expert Steve Dresser, is that the 121g sharing packs are now only 103g.

The Guardian quotes a spokesperson for the maker of Maltesers, Mars: “Like all chocolate manufacturers, we have seen the cost of raw materials rise and, while we try to absorb these pressures as much as possible, sometimes we have to make the difficult decision to reduce the size of some of our products so our consumers can continue to enjoy an affordable treat.”

The report goes on to say that the cost of making milk chocolate has risen 40 per cent lately, chiefly due to price increases in sugar and whole milk powder.

In recent years, chocolate lovers have also been up in arms a number of moves made by US company Mondelez, who took over Cadburys.

These include Daily Milk bars being given rounded edges, bars shrinking, the axing of Cadbury chocolate coins, Bournville chocolate disappearing from the Heroes tub, sultanas in Fruit & Nut bars and axing the company's traditional Christmas chocolate gift to pensioners.

Perhaps the biggest controversy surrounded the 2015 decision to replace Dairy Milk in its recipe for Cadbury's Creme Eggs with cheaper chocolate.