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Carlsberg rebrew amazing new beer with 133-year-old yeast

Birgitte Skadhauge at the Carlsberg Father of Quality Rebrew event
Birgitte Skadhauge at the Carlsberg Father of Quality Rebrew event

TO celebrate the 140th anniversary of the Carlsberg Laboratory, leading scientists and brewers have now rebrewed one of the world’s best quality lagers.



The Copenhagan based brewery is using the most authentic manner and the original pure yeast and the exact same recipe, ingredients and brewing techniques from 1883. 

The yeast has surprisingly survived 133 years in a beer bottle in the brewery’s old cellars, and leading brewing experts have now managed to rebrew what is considered the father of most modern day lager beers.

The results are a testament to the historical discoveries at the research lab as well as the world’s leading quality capabilities of the modern day Carlsberg Laboratory.

In 1876, the Carlsberg Foundation was set up by J.C. Jacobsen to manage Carlsberg Laboratory and to support Danish scientific research.

The Carlsberg Foundation became the owner of the Carlsberg Brewery in 1888, and it owns 30.3% of the shares in Carlsberg Group today.

Through the receipt of annual dividends from Carlsberg A/S, the Foundation is each year able to actively support ground-breaking research within the natural sciences, social sciences and humanities, thereby contributing to solving some of the world’s global challenges.

The company recently showed the results of the new rebrewing procedure at a showcase in Dublin’s Science Gallery, which was presented by

Birgitte Skadhauge Vice President for Carlsberg Research Laboratory, Group Research covering the Applied Research as well as the Carlsberg Laboratory. 

Find out more at www.carlsbergfoundation.dk and www.carlsberg.com/#!rebrew