Donal Og’s lover quits Mr Ireland after bust-up with organisers

Nathan Adams and Donal Og Cusack
Nathan Adams and Donal Og Cusack

A BITTER war of words has broken out between one of Ireland’s top models and the Mr Ireland organisers ahead of last night’s beauty contest final in Dublin’s Wright Venue.

Mr Cork, Nathan Adams, was the bookies’ favourite to lift last night’s title before he made the “heartbreaking decision” to withdraw from what he branded a “shambolic” event.

The 21-year-old hunk, who is dating Cork hurling legend Donal Óg Cusack, was distraught that he wouldn’t be able to fulfil his dream of being Mr Ireland because of “constant failings” in the run-up to the national final.

But organisers hit back and accused the model of gaining publicity from his high-profile relationship – a claim Nathan strongly refutes.

“When I was named Mr Cork in January 2015 I was on a complete high,” the gutted businessman and model told the Sunday World.

“There is no higher title in the modelling game than Mr Ireland and being picked as Mr Cork was the first step to fulfilling that dream.

“I was initially told that the Mr Ireland final would take place last November, before that changed to April of this year. Then a week before the April final, we were all told that it was postponed again.

“After the April date there was very little contact from the organisers until the start of last month, when we heard that is going to be July 2.

“To be honest, I didn’t believe it. None of the lads who I was in contact with believed it. It had been cancelled so many times that we decided to hold off making plans. It was all over the place. We weren’t told what was needed or what we had to do.”

Back in April, Nathan and his family and friends were left out of pocket when they were forced to cancel the hotel rooms they had booked for the final.

“A few of my pals wanted to come over from London for it. Loads of people I know booked days of work on the Friday to get to Dublin for it. I was born in Belfast, where my family still live, and I live in Cork. So getting to Dublin was not easy, or cheap. Imagine having to plan for three separate dates.

“I couldn’t ask them to do it again for this weekend knowing what they had already gone through. A few weeks ago I thought about quitting, but my family convinced me otherwise. They knew how much it meant to me.

“They knew how much work I had put in to the event, but earlier this week when I realised how badly the whole thing was organised I decided to walk. The excitement had gone for me. 

“The bubble had burst and I had to let my friends and family down gently,” he tearfully revealed.

“When I posted my decision on Instagram I got a huge response. The amount of girls who had been at Miss Ireland competitions through the years who came out in support of me was incredible.”

Adams, who owns Nathan Adams Promotions, feels he was used to gain publicity.

“I work in event management, I understand marketing. But these people never once considered doing a launch night. All they did was drag myself, Mr Limerick and Mr Roscommon along to the Miss Ireland final last August to promote the Mr Ireland event.

“They have been relying on our own marketing in our own counties. They want us to do the work for them and they repay us by crushing our dreams.”

But event organiser Sean Montague completely disagreed, stating: “Everyone is happy, except for Nathan. I think he will regret not being part of this year’s Mr Ireland.

 “He would have been one of the favourites, but I think he realised his chances of winning were shortening when some of the other models entered. So he walked. It was petty and disappointing. But with hindsight maybe it was a good thing. He seems to be only interested in himself.

“He uses his relationship with Donal Óg to get publicity for himself. No-one knew who he was before he became Mr Cork. He seems to have forgotten that.

“When he contacted us this week to tell us he was pulling out we were disappointed and we emailed him to say how regrettable his decision was. The case was closed as far as we were concerned. But now he is trying to milk the whole thing. Good luck to him.”

“The original date we booked was on the June Bank Holiday and it clashed with an Atomic Kitten event in The Wright Venue. So it made sense to move it. I am happy with how we have conducted ourselves and so are our sponsors.”