You can now get diesel for less than €1 a litre in Ireland

Prices at the pumps are going down
Prices at the pumps are going down

For the first time in years motorists can buy diesel in Ireland for less than €1 per litre.

The magic mark was broken for the first time in six years by Tuffy's Gala filling station in Ballina, Co Mayo who put the fuel on sale at 99.9c yesterday.

Speaking in the Mail the person who runs the garage, Liju Varughese, said that they had gotten a delivery at a reduced price so they dropped their price. 

And the good news for motorists all over the country is that diesel prices are set to fall further over the next few weeks.

Crude oil prices are falling globally, and it is now priced at just $31 per barrel. As recently as September 2014 it was going for over $100 a barrel.

The price fall, due to high supply and low sales because of the relatively mild winter across Europe, is now being passed on to hard-pressed drivers.

According to Conor Faughnan, Director of Consumer Affairs for AA Ireland, the average price per litre for diesel across the country is still €1.12 but he too expects it to fall.

However, he highlighted the high taxes on fuel in Ireland, with 77 cents paid for every litre of diesel going to the government.

Petrol is still more expensive, with the cheapest price on pumps.ie being Pierce Kavanagh's Service Station in Urlingford, with petrol going at €119.9c per litre.

The average petrol price is €124.9c across the country however this too should come down in the next few weeks.