The Opel Adam S rocket is easy on the pocket

The Opel ADAM S is affordable
The Opel ADAM S is affordable

Opel Adam S

The Adam family’s value has just become even more valuable, with the addition of its latest little pocket rocket – the Opel Adam S.

We are big fans of the extremely stylish Opel Adam here in motormouth towers and our love has just got stronger with this hot-little hatch.

Making its world premiere at the Paris Motor Show back in 2012, the Opel Adam was an instant hit.

Faced with a blank canvas, the designers at Opel were given the task of coming up with something completely different in the city-car segment – and they certainly did that.

The men in white coats produced one of the most colourful cars you will see on the road.

On top of that, the funky Adam was one of the first cars to introduce the potential to customise – making every single model unique.

With 12 body colours to choose from, three roof colours, five coloured grille bars, 23 alloy wheel designs, four interior colours, 15 seat designs, 18 decor sets, six different headliners and eight possible ambient lighting designs, there is no way Adam owners will ever mistake their car for someone else’s in the airport car park!

Now, though, Opel has introduced a little pocket rocket for the fans who want more pep in their step.

This Opel Adam S is an really quick little city car with a 1.4-litre ECOTEC turbo-charged petrol engine that kicks out an impressive 150bhp.

It has a very sturdy sports-tuned suspension, OPC braking system, distinctive ‘Red ’n Roll’ styling that blends power with sharp-edged responses. 

My test car came with large 18-inch alloy wheels, and large red caliper brakes to match the two-toned roof.

There’s a roof spoiler to match and plenty of body kit to set it apart from its run-of-the mill sibling. 

Inside, you get the same equipment that is found in the higher-specced Adam models, but the rear seat space is awful.

I picked up three 12-year-olds from football training and I had to push my seat forward so far to give them leg room in the rear that my knees were hitting off the steering wheel.

You would nearly be best treating this as a two-seater car unless you have two leprechauns as children.

The boot, too, is practically non-existent and you would possibly only squeeze in your laptop case in the back, but that’s not where this car is aimed.

On the road the Adam S has plenty of poke and can tuck in to corners very neatly as well.

It doesn’t have the handling of the likes of the MINI, but then again, not many cars touch that for out-and-out go-kart feel.

However, it is only a fraction of the price of one of those hot-hatch MINIs and is certainly something to consider if you are in the market for a small pocket rocket.

I would go as far as saying that it is much more stylish than both the MINI and Fiat 500, which would be two of its closest rivals.

It is certainly worth a look if you are in the market for a small hot hatch.

Tech Spec:

Model: Opel Adam S 1.4 turbo 

Price: €24,400 (as tested)

Road Tax: Band B2 €280 per year

0-100kph: 8.5s

Max Speed: 210kph

Fuel Economy: 5.9l/100kms (claimed)

Boot Space: Enough for a laptop bag