Suzuki unveils two new concepts at Geneva Motor Show

The new Suzuki iK2 2016 concept
The new Suzuki iK2 2016 concept

Suzuki Motor company today unveiled two new concepts that will be available in Ireland next year.


This all-new C segment car will be available in Ireland in early 2016. The car is built on a new-generation platform and has an all new Boosterjet engine.

Suzuki’s new-generation platform is designed to efficiently increase rigidity while reducing weight via a fundamental redesign of the underbody’s structure and also optimising overall vehicle design, including parts mounted on the under body.

This improves fuel efficiency, safety, handling, stability, and NVH performance across the board.

The Boosterjet 1.0 litre direct-injection turbo engine, newly developed by Suzuki, increases fuel efficiency by reducing engine displacement, with output and torque boosted with a turbocharger.


This A segment mini 4x4 concept. It is an iconic mini 4x4 that combines innovation with Suzuki’s design heritage.  Also built on then new-generation platform it will contain SHVS mild hybrid system.

The SHVS (Smart Hybrid Vehicle by Suzuki), Suzuki’s new mild hybrid system incorporating an ISG (integrated starter generator), provides engine power assistance using the motor and achieves efficient power regeneration.

The SHVS system used for the iM-4 also features lithium-ion batteries. Coupled with a newly-developed high-efficiency ISG, this regenerative braking system is the perfect hybrid system for a compact car.