Stunning new Mercedes C-Class coupe is in pole position

The new Mercedes Benz C-Class is a cracker
The new Mercedes Benz C-Class is a cracker

Mercedes is hitting it out of the park of late. Like Babe Ruth smashing home runs in Yankee Stadium, everything with a three-pointed star coming off the production line is sheer class.

The new E-Class, which we’ll be testing in the coming weeks, oozes quality and has one of the finest interiors in the premium segment.

One area Mercedes has struggled to nail down is the coupe. They’ve had plenty of attempts – CL, CLC, CLK, CLS, as well as the C-Class and E-Class Coupes.

It’s funny, as our favourite coupe from the Mercedes line-up isn’t really a coupe, it’s the CLA.

It’s more of a saloon with coupe styling, but it’s a real looker and one of our favourite cars.

The new S-Class coupe is a thing of beauty, but in the real world – and in budget for many – the new C-Class Coupe really grabbed our attention.

The premium coupe market is sewn up by the big three from Germany, with Lexus adding the new RC to the mix. But this year shows that the migration back to the Mercedes brand has been helped by the new youthful approach taken by the top brass in Stuttgart in recent times.

Mercedes top the charts for coupes in Ireland in 2016, with the C-Class racing ahead with 121 units registered so far.

That might not seem a lot, but the BMW 4-Series trails behind with 59 and Audi’s A5 (due to be replaced this year) with only 21.

The new Lexus RC joins Audi on 21, but the gap created by the new C-Class is testament to how good it is.

On looks alone, we think the C-Class deserves the honour, but is doesn’t stop there.

The interior, driving experience and the running costs add up to make this latest C-Class Coupe simply better than the rest.

Mercedes adding a younger design to their models has really helped and the new family face with the pointed star inset on the grille really looks imposing. 

The styling has a very generic coupe look, but the C-Class stands out as a sporty model in AMG spec.

This new C-Class Coupe’s wheelbase is 95mm longer and 40mm wider than its predecessor and this helps the overall look.

The cabin benefits also, with extra shoulder, elbow and headroom in all seats. It’s still a little cramped in the back – which is much the same with all its rivals.

The interior itself has moved on and Mercedes are now challenging Audi for class honours.

The C-Class coupe has a hand-crafted feel and all the materials used are quality. It’s modern and fresh and really makes the C-Class a desirable option.

The sports seats designed for the coupe are stylish, offering enough comfort and support needed for an enthusiastic drive.

We’d still like to see the tablet-style screen retract into the dash when not in use, though, as it breaks up the flow of the console. 

BMW and Audi always held the trump card over the C-Class coupe when it came to driving dynamics – no more.

Mercedes has worked hard with the chassis and suspension set-up and we really enjoyed the back-road blast in the coupe.

Out test car was a diesel-powered C220d, which produces 170bhp and 400Nm of torque.

Working seamlessly with the nine-speed auto, the C-Class coupe was effortless to drive.

Motorways were a breeze and when put into sport mode for the back roads, it came alive and delivered the experience you expect from a coupe.

We’re split on opinion on engine choice, as one of us is a mile-muncher and the other is a city slicker.

Diesel makes sense for the high miler who wants to look good, but petrol suits the coupe better.

Mercedes has a lot of choice when it comes to coupes, but the new C-Class coupe is the best of the bunch – in fact, we think it’s the best premium coupe currently on sale.

If Mercedes keep hitting home runs in this fashion, they’ll be the premium car of choice for many.

Model: Mercedes-Benz C220d Coupe AMG Line
Price: from €44,550 (test car €52,849)
Road Tax: Band A3 €190
0-100kph: 7.5s  max speed: 234kph
Fuel Economy: 4.1 litres/100kms
Boot Space: 400 litres