Skoda to take on BMW 5-Series in Superb challenge

The Skoda Superb is set to take on the BMW 5 Series
The Skoda Superb is set to take on the BMW 5 Series

ŠKODA Ireland are celebrating the huge success of the latest ŠKODA Superb model by putting it to the ultimate test and comparing it to the well-known and luxurious BMW 5-Series.

To do this, ŠKODA are inviting members of the public to test drive both the ŠKODA Superb and the BMW 5-Series at their dealers in Dublin City.

Speaking about the challenge, Raymond Leddy, Head of Marketing at ŠKODA Ireland, said: “The new ŠKODA Superb has received very positive independent reviews in Ireland and abroad and we’ve seen many journalists compare it to some of the world’s leading premium brands.

"We therefore came up with a very simple challenge; motorists can test-drive the BMW 5-Series, against a comparable Superb model at any of our ŠKODA outlets in Dublin, and decide for themselves.”

 Leddy added: “The ŠKODA Brand has huge heritage in vehicle manufacturing. BMW recently celebrated 100 years in business, while ŠKODA has over 120 years to celebrate.”

 Visit any ŠKODA dealership in Dublin between now and Saturday, 9th April to take part.