Six winter driving essentials to have in your glove box

Six winter driving essentials to have in your glove box

Online car insurance provider its4women.ie advises motorists carry emergency kits as the weather turns colder and the nights grow darker

It’s known that the number of road accidents increases dramatically during the cold, dark winter nights.

Figures from its4women.ie reveal that when compared to the sunnier months of July - September, the number of accidents more than doubled during October - December last year, rising by 53.1%. In 2014 this number was even greater with a 69.6% increase.

Driving during the winter months creates a multitude of different challenges with more hours of darkness and poorer weather conditions.

Motorists need to be more vigilant when on the roads and advise that every driver should carry a winter kit in the glove department or boot of their car for emergencies.

This kit should include:

1. Hand warmer or gloves: To keep you cosy should you have to stop the vehicle or step outside. 

2. High energy food: To keep hunger at bay should you break down. Non-perishable, high energy snacks are the best options.

3. Portable phone charger: Make sure you have emergency numbers (e.g. breakdown service provider) stored in your contacts list.

4. Ice scraper or full can of De-Icer: To prevent frosty windscreens and windows, ensuring optimum visibility throughout your journey.

5. Jump starter kit: To recharge a flat battery. Know exactly how to use it before you add it to your kit.

6. Torch with spare batteries: Ensure that the torch shines bright enough to come in handy should you encounter difficulties at night.

Not only is it important to prepare your winter kit, but all drivers should carry out basic vehicle checks before starting a journey and always check heating is in full working order.

For more information visit its4women.ie.