RANDOM RIDES: Audi S6 Estate is Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Audi S6 Estate
Audi S6 Estate

Have you ever thought to yourself “God I wish I had a Lamborghini”, before realising that your pesky family and villainous bank manager stand between you and that dream?

Or perhaps you’ve considered the practicalities of driving an estate, but decided that you’d rather eat your own back-side produce than live with something so drab.

Well, what if I told you that a mad German had both of those ideas, popped them into a blender and poured out a car that is all things to all men; the Audi S6 estate.

The 2007 model I drove is for all intents and purposes a nice, 16ft long family wagon, which just so happens to be packing a 435bhp, Lamborghini V10 engine.

Yeah, you read that sentence correctly; it’s a four wheel drive sports car you can fit your family in.

The cockpit in the model I drove was fully loaded with heated seats, for those cold winter school runs, a sunroof for carting home large items from Woodies and an on-board computer with navigation so you don’t get lost on your way to granny’s house.

But, once the children are put to bed and the DIY fettling is over, the S6 can make its transformation, like Dr Jekyll to Mr. Hyde.

The engine’s low, menacing burble gives way to an explosive orchestra of V10 sounds and raw power when the mighty Audi’s horses are un-chained.

Put your foot to the floor and your eyeballs will be flattened like pogs and stuffed to the back of your scull as the merciless engine contorts physics to rocket the behemoth forwards. 

The car’s four wheel drive system plants it to the road without any drama, but that stability and focused power can leave the occupant a nervous wreck if their foot, and heart, are used to a slower car.

Acres of leather, endless gadgets and accessories, room for your whole family and tactical nuclear missile under the bonnet makes the S6 as close to the perfect vehicle as anybody with a big family is likely to get.

But, and there’s always a but.

Miles per gallon is something we don’t spend too much time complaining about in this column, but since the S6 is a dad-mobile at heart the elephant in the room shouldn’t go unmentioned.

The S6 has a huge V10 engine with a thirsty 5.2 litre motor that offers a wallet smashing 14-19mpg (if you're careful) and a yearly road tax bill of €1,809.

But, if you’re willing to deal with that you get a great looking comfortable family car and a Lamborghini all rolled into one.

The Audi S6 I tested is available at Cameron Cars, Lee Road Dublin 11 for €25,950