Peugeot's little city car was well worth the w-eight-ing for

The new Peugeot 108 is a smart little city car
The new Peugeot 108 is a smart little city car

Peugeot 108 - Allure 1.2 petrol

We have to admit, Peugeot’s little city car was worth w-eight-ing for.

Arriving very late to the party months behind Toyota’s Aygo and Citroen’s C1, both of which it shares some of its underpinnings, the little 108 has finally turned up.

We are not sure if the delay was down to European demand, or the fact that Peugeot Ireland wanted the Irish pricing to be just right against its other main competitors.

The good news is that it is here and it is a cracking little car. The bad news is that it is up against some stiff competition in the city-car market, and it has been priced slightly high in our mind.

Volkswagen’s up!, Skoda’s Citigo, SEAT’s Mii, Hyundai’s i10, Toyota’s Aygo, Citroen’s C1, Suzuki’s Celerio, Kia’s Picanto and the Mistubishi Space Star are all vying for top slot in this segment.

To put it into context, prices for the mid-range Active 108 start at 13,290 (Peugeot Ireland is not bringing in the entry-level model to Ireland), compared to 14,265 for mid-range Volkswagen up!, 13,545 for mid-range Hyundai i10, 13,180 for the mid-range Toyota Aygo, and more expensive than its mid-range C1 sibling at 13,245.

What we will say it has over its competition is that there is a better engine choice. We drove the range-topping 1.2-litre petrol engine, and it blows the rest of the 1.0-litre blocks away.

On the motorway, this little engine feels a lot more powerful than the rest – it is just brilliant. We would have it any day over the 1.0-litre engines found in all the other city cars.

Peugeot has come a long way with its engine line-up and they are a match for any of them out there.  

However, the 1.2-litre, which was fitted to our range-topping Allure model pushes the price for the Peugeot city car close to the 15k mark.

It’s such a pity, as you are now in SEAT Ibiza and Volkswagen Polo entry-level territory, which are both much bigger cars. 

The little 108 does, however, come with a lot of premium equipment as standard inside, and Peugeot’s five-year warranty. 

It is a cracking little car with plenty of options to personalise it to your own taste, so it’s well worth a look if you are in the market for a little city car.