Keep Track of your Car

Car thief
Car thief

THERE is such a positive vibe around the motor industry of late. Showrooms are seeing a bigger footfall and sales are exceeding expectations.

One negative that keeps rearing its ugly head of late is insurance and nearly everyone we talk to has had their annual policy increased. 

The high cost of awards in court was a key factor in driving up the costs. Other factors include legal costs, fraud and the collapse of Quinn Insurance.
So what the hell does a no-claims bonus actually stand for? 

There are a few ways to help reduce your insurance premium. And no, you don’t have to move to some barren countryside town and drive a tiny car.
Fitting a tracker can not only help you save on the cost of your insurance, but it will give you piece of mind that your pride and joy on the driveway, that you’ve worked hard to pay for, won’t be driven off by some scumbag thief.

With a total of 6,128 vehicles stolen in Ireland in 2015, according to figures released by An Garda Síochána, some 63 per cent of these are recovered.
Of those not recovered, many end up being shipped abroad or scrapped, having been used for criminal activity.

Recent footage shown online of a car being stolen from a house in Dublin illustrates that thieves are using more and more innovative methods to take cars, including the use of transmitter devices to open doors.

Having gained access to the car, thieves are accessing the car’s electronic control unit (ECU) to download information about the car that will enable them to produce a duplicate key. This allows them to steal the car with ease, either on the spot or at a later date. 

This method of theft can be prevented by the use of a device called Kabzy, which has been developed by an Irish company. 

Kabzy’s Managing Director Michael Flanagan explains: “Our device has multiple applications. It will prevent access to the car using a transmitter because it shuts down the car’s ECU when the car is stationary.

“So when we shut down the ECU the doors can still be opened as there are other means to get them open. Gaining access to the car by other means, such as stealing the keys won’t mean the car is taken away either, as the car will be disabled, but even if a car is taken, the owner will be able to track and remotely disable the car using a mobile phone app.

“This allows the vehicle to be recovered within minutes or hours of it being noticed missing.”

Kabzy allows you to safely track the location of your car 24/7 from your smartphone and safely disable the engine of your car from anywhere in the world in seconds.

You can also view live data on your driving behaviour directly on your smartphone.
You can also set up a geo-fence that alerts you when the car leaves the radius you have set. I found this handy when the wife sets off on another shopping spree!

The system also allows you to fit a panic button in the car, or a feature taxi drivers will appreciate is CCTV that records activity in the car. When the panic button is pressed, the CCTV camera starts recording to ensure all aspects of the emergency, or unruly passengers are caught on camera. 

Kabzy costs €395 and this includes Installation and 12 months monitoring. To purchase go to www.kabzy.com or call +353 1 2544 773.