Mercedes puts the V in to VIP with its new V-Class people carrier

The Mercedes Benz V-Class is the ultimate people carrier
The Mercedes Benz V-Class is the ultimate people carrier

Mercedes Benz V-Class

The little occupants in my Mercedes Benz V-Class people carrier last week thought they were One Direction being chauffeured around.

I had five in the back facing each other chatting away (the rear seats face each other), while the lead singer posed up front with me as the other envious school children looked on.

Yes you’ve guessed it. No, I wasn’t chauffeuring Harry Styles and his band around trying to get them to do a come-back gig.

In fact, I was on a school run picking up my children and their friends.

Luckily for me, I was behind the wheel of the new Mercedes Benz V-Class people carrier.

If I had have had my normal five-seat car, I would have been really stuck.

I had received a call from one of my neighbours to say she was stuck picking her two sons up and could I do it.

I already had four booked in but, luckily for me, and her, I had just picked up the new seven-seat Mercedes Benz V-Class.

The Mercedes Benz V-Class is a luxury mini bus that has loads of room.

Unlike my adventure, I don’t expect to see it in many school car parks. 

I do expect to see it ferrying rock stars to the 3Arena and taking pride of place outside hotels for VIP transfers and chauffeuring clients around on corporate events.


You can have three seating line-ups: a six-seater (three rows of two), seven-seater (two rows of two and one of three) or eight-seater (one of two seats and two with three).

And you can order an extra-long version that can accommodate six or eight seats depending on your preferences and what cargo space you need.

On the inside, the new V-Class has been treated some really neat materials from the Mercedes range.

The one thing that I couldn’t get used to at all, even after my week-long drive, was the fact the ignition key was on the left-hand side of the steering wheel.

Every time I got in to it and went to fire it up, I automatically went to turn the key in the normal right-hand side position.

The instrument panel has been redesigned and now comes with seven-inch display screen and infotainment/multimedia system, which is very simple to use.

In the rear as mentioned, the seats face each other so your passengers can chat away, and even play a game of cards on one of the two tables that pop up from a central sliding pillar.

There are only two models available – entry-level and Avantgarde.  

My test model was the Avantgarde model which was loaded with extras and come with all the latest ground-breaking Mercedes safety features.

I know it’s not really the week to be talking about it, but Mercedes claim the new V200 CDi is 28 per cent more economical on fuel.

Prices for the entry-level V-Class start at €52,390 ex-works. It is followed by a V220 CDI Avantgarde and V250 BlueTEC Avantgarde.

Meanwhile, Mercedes-Benz has introduced a PCP personal contract purchase plan.

Mercedes claim this will put the purchase of a Mercedes-Benz within easier reach of all who ever dreamt of owning one.

Said by their sales manager in Ireland, Ciaran Allen, to be ‘the first of a three-pronged approach’ being pursued by Mercedes-Benz aimed at increasing sales, the plan is being introduced in association with Bank of Ireland and is applicable to all models across their range.