Dump the junk in your trunk to save fuel says Michelin tyres

We carry around far too much stuff in the boot of our cars
We carry around far too much stuff in the boot of our cars

Things we carry around needlessly in the boot of our car are costing us dearly in terms of the added fuel consumption and tyre wear it takes to transport the extra weight involved.

Latest UK research carried out by tyre manufacturer Michelin shows that over half of all drivers use their cars as mobile storage units.  

Almost one third of those surveyed confessed to using their vehicle for storage because they don’t have space at home.
Broken down, the survey showed that motorists are driving around for months on end with a host of unnecessary items bouncing around in the boot – items like shoes (31 per cent), cleaning products (36 per cent), books (26 per cent), magazines (20 per cent), toys and children’s accessories (18 per cent), pet accessories (16 per cent), work related items (16 per cent) sports equipment and even sleeping bags (8 per cent).

Remembering that unnecessary weight places an added burden on tyre pressures, and that roughly one tank of fuel in five is used up just to overcome the rolling resistance of the tyres, Michelin is urging motorists to ‘dump the junk in their trunk’ and save the money it is costing to carry it around.