Delays expected as eFlow toll tags set to stop working on some Irish motorways

The M1 toll plaza is one of those to withdraw the use of tags next month (Image via Google Maps)
The M1 toll plaza is one of those to withdraw the use of tags next month (Image via Google Maps)

Drivers have been warned to expect increased delays at toll booths after eFlow announced that it would withdraw its tag service on a number of motorways across the country.

From the end of August, motorists will have to stop and pay with cash at the M1 near Drogheda, the M7/M8 south of Portlaoise and the N25 at Waterford.

The news comes following the announcement that eFlow would not be renewing its contract with Celtic Roads Group (CRG), the operator of a number of Irish motorways.

“At present, in order for a tag to be recognised as you pass through a toll plaza, the operator of the toll (CRG) must have an agreement with the tag provider (eFlow),” eFlow said in a statement.

“Unfortunately, due to reasons outside of our control, an agreement has not yet been made.”

The removal of tags is expected to increase delays at tollbooths.

Fianna Fail’s transport spokesperson Robert Troy said the decision could have a serious impact on traffic congestions unless it is averted before the switch-off date.

“A solution must be found to settle this dispute before significant disruption is caused to commuters,” he said on Thursday.

In a statement, CRG acknowledged that “this action by eFlow will inconvenience many of our customers, particularly those who use the eFlow tag service,” but claimed that the action was “beyond our control”.

“We remain in contact with Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII)/eFlow and continue to encourage them not to withdraw their service from their customers,” the spokesperson said.

“However, we believe it is important for you be aware of the threat of disruption by eFlow.”

They added that customers should “use the time available” before the switch-off date to register with a new tag provider.

Customers have been advised that their tags will continue to operate as normal at the M50 barrier-free toll, M3 Clonee-Kells, M4 Kilcock-Enfield-Kinnegad, N6 Galway-Ballinasloe, N8 Rathcormac-Fermoy bypass, East-Link bridge, Dublin port tunnel and Limerick tunnel.