Campingaz has the cool-est device for car journeys

The Campingaz Cooler box is a must for camping
The Campingaz Cooler box is a must for camping

Travelling with kids ain’t easy.

Having succumbed to mid-air tantrums and departure lounge meltdowns, this year we took the well-worn path of so many Irish parents and took the ferry to France in the hope of a ‘relaxing’ family break in the comfort of our own car.

Sadly iPads can only do so much and with two kids under three with a serious calcium habit, having a constant supply of ‘bots’ became a matter of priority.

Enter the Campingaz Powerbox Plus 28L thermoelectric cooler…  or as my two-year-old called it… ‘the bot box’.

It’s basically a fridge for your car that runs on the 12V (cigarette lighter). I loaded it up with the girls’ preferred tipple and chilled bottles were on hand for the entire trip.

Once you reach your destination, the power lead can be swapped for a mains power plug, which is ideal for camping.  

The insulation keeps the contents cool even when it’s unplugged, but you can also throw a couple of freeze packs in there if you’re on the move and it will keep cool for hours.  

You can even drop a bottle of white in while you’re on the road so it’s perfectly chilled when you get back to the campsite and finally get the kids off to sleep.  
Toddlers aren’t the only ones that need a cold bottle at the end of a long day!

Campingaz Thermoelectric cooler 28L RRP: £89.99

For more information visit http://www.campingaz.com/uk/p-27448-powerbox-24l-12230v-electric-cooler