Audi A7 blows the 'Competition' away

The Audi A7 Sportsback Competition
The Audi A7 Sportsback Competition

Audi A7 Competition 3.0TDi quattro

When it comes to competition, Audi is among the elite. 

Take any car category, be it supermini or supercar — the German premium car brand is right among the class leaders.

One of Motormouths all-time favourites from the Audi stable is the stunning A7.

It is a complete car in our eyes, mixing stylish looks, top-notch premium interior and a sublime engine choice that delivers performance and economy.

Audi has treated to us a special edition model to celebrate the 25th anniversary of its TDi technology, the A7 Competition.

On the outside, there isn’t a hell of a lot to give it away from a normal S-Line. You get 20-inch alloys, black gloss mirror housings and tailpipe trims, while a V6 T badge adorns each wing.

On the inside, you get leather interior with S-Line embossing and the stitching can be contrasting with either red of grey.

There have been a few tweaks under the bonnet for the A7 Competition, with the potent bi-turbo getting an extra seven horses, bringing it up to an impressive 326 thoroughbreds. 

The stand-out figure has to be the peak torque, at 650Nm you can really feel the rush of acceleration mid-range when you plant your foot.

The monster bi-turbo is limited to 250kph, but this big luxury motor can reach 100kph in just 5.1 seconds, which puts many performance cars in its shade.

But we love the way it gets you up to speed, not just how quick it is, but how effortless it feels.

The Competition model gets a special bi-turbo exhaust system which adds a little drama to the occasion but for the most part, you feel like you are in a beautiful land yacht. 

You can’t buy an A7 without choosing the fantastic Tiptronic eight-speed auto. 

It makes driving the A7 a breeze and the sleek gear changes mean you can waft along the road in comfort.

You’ve also got the added benefit of Audi’s Quattro system which gives the A7 traction whenever you need it.

This A7 Competition is a car for everyday life.

You’ll love how serene it is day to day, but like a bear, poke it with a stick and it’s a fearsome animal. We could enjoy that burst of speed every day and it really isn’t too bad on juice either.

Audi claims 6.3 litres per 100kms but we were happy to be in the low sevens, as it’s such a great car to dive, sacrificing a bit of economy was all part of the fun. 

The unique 20-inch ‘W’ design alloys really set off the A7 and this model is lowered by 20mm to give it a more aggressive look than before. 

Huge brake discs and red callipers let you know it has some serious stopping power as well.

We couldn’t help ourselves staring at the beauty of the A7 from the outside but it’s only when you get behind the wheel do you realise where the money is spent.

The materials used, and the finish of the cabin show you how far behind rivals are when it comes to designing interiors. 

And Audi just keeps improving – it’s one of their best attributes.

It’s hard to justify the A7 being a €100k car but with the added extras you get and the phenomenal engine, it will entice a few buyers to part with a six-figure sum.

For us though, we’d stick with a 3.0TDi S-Line with 272bhp at €78,550. You get everything you need in terms of engine and equipment, and one of the best looking cars on the road.

Paul Keown & Robbie Farrell

Tech Spec:

Model: Audi A7 Competition 3.0TDi quattro
Price: From €68,900 (test car €101,785)
Road tax: Band D €570
0-100kph: 5.1s
Max speed: 250kph (limited)
Fuel economy: 6.3l/100kms (claimed)
Boot space: 535 litres