3 smart ways to cut business travel costs

3 smart ways to cut business travel costs

Do you want to cut down business travel costs, get more from your fuel and make your business trips more cost effective?

While scheduling travel in advance, choosing virtual meetings through video conferencing and Skype, car pooling, using corporate rates, public transport, rewards programmes and a clear company travel policy are all obvious cost-savers, a renewed fresh focus on fuel could lead to surprising savings.

Here are three smart ways to cut business travel costs, save money and add value to your bottom line:

1. Focus on fuel

Whether your business has teams of representatives out on the road regularly or whether most of your staff are office based but claim regular mileage expenses, taking a second look at the choice of fuel used by your company can really make a difference.

Choosing the right fuel can reduce your costs by up to 3% which is very significant for any business. A new fuel - miles fuel – has been launched by Topaz, which offers new and improved quality and contains a unique blend of additives developed specifically to take vehicles further, with improved fuel consumption offering 3% more efficiency.

Responsible businesses and individuals are now focusing on their professional and personal carbon footprints and taking care of the enviroment has never been more front of mind. Choosing a fuel with reduced harmful exhaust emissions will also ensure that your business is operating in a modern way with a focus on sustainability and future proofing.

2. Enhance engine efficiency

Many drivers on both personal and professional journeys often neglect to think about the importance of engine efficiency when it comes to saving money. Choosing a fuel that will clean and protect your engine will help it to run in a smoother and cleaner way.

Experts at the Topaz miles initiative have worked with an industry leading additive supplier to develop a powerful in-fuel additive, proven to remove fuel combustion deposits from within engines. The diesel contains a new and improved package of additives that prevents the build up of deposits and optimises combustion. The miles unleaded reduces metal to metal friction and prevents the build-up of deposits in engines.

“Miles fuels are backed by decades of research and development. Our aim is to help our customers get the most out of every drop of fuel, whether they want more efficiency or better performance”, explains Topaz.

3. Find out about fuel cards

Monitoring and processing transactions can be very time consuming for many companies. In practical day-to-day management it can also be very difficult to keep up to date on the best prices when it comes to advising employees on sourcing fuel.

Why not think about fuel cards to fuel your business model? If you want choice and the chance to keep a tight rein on fuel consumption, Topaz has the largest branded Fuel Card network in Ireland with over 440 service stations now across Ireland and Northern Ireland.

So how can you cut business travel costs using fuel cards? You’ll be ensured of one weekly fixed price. You’ll enhance efficiency with online management and get one invoice for all your fuel transactions. There’s added security with pin authorisation and there are price updates available via text and email. Topaz is also an approved supplier for the Diesel Rebate Scheme and companies can register online at revenue.ie

Corporate travel can be costly but slash your business costs today by making the right fuel choices and take your business further in 2017.

Make your business go further with miles by Topaz. New and improved quality fuels that contain a unique blend of additives developed to take you further, take good care of your engine and help it run smoother and cleaner. Find out more here.