Treat yourself to a brilliant read with Karl Parkinson's - The Blocks

The Blocks by Karl Parkinson is a brilliant read
The Blocks by Karl Parkinson is a brilliant read

The Blocks

If you are looking for a good, funny read for your summer holidays, or just sitting in the back garden – then look no further the ‘The Blocks’.

This wonderful little book is a story of a visionary artist growing up in the inner-city tower blocks of Dublin in the 80s, 90s and early 2000s.

The book introduces a wonderful array of characters from drug dealers and addicts, to car thieves and prostitutes.

It’s a lovely story of family, friends, bands and poetry. It’s a story about the redemptive power of art and love - and the quest to break free from spiritual suffering.

Its author, Karl Parkinson is a writer from inner-city Dublin. He is one of Ireland’s most acclaimed live literature performers, and has read by invitation at festivals and events in Ireland, the UK, the US and Canada.

In 2013, Wurmpress published Karl’s debut poetry collection, Litany of the City and Other Poems, and his second poetry collection, Butterflies of a Bad Summer, was published by Salmon in 2016.

The Blocks is Karl’s debut novel.

Invoking the tenement rawness of James Kelman and shot through with the magical realism of Gabriel Garcia Marquez, while all the time tapping the poetic vernacular and hopscotch rhymes of inner-city Dublin, The Blocks is a maelstrom of ghosts, voices, sounds, and songs: a high-low, flip-flop, crash-and-burn, mind-bending paean to the theatre of flatland life in all its maddening, fearful and redemptive glory. It’s a very fine achievement.

  • Alan McGonagle, author of Psychotic Episodes.

Don’t be fooled into thinking The Blocks is only about a small inner-city community; it’s much more than that. Karl Parkinson has managed to recreate the sights, smells, sounds and feelings of a whole generation’s youth and young manhood through his ground-breaking riot of a book.

  • Kevin Curran, author of Beatsploitation and Citizens.

The block takes us into a world largely unseen in Irish fiction: the high-rise flats of working-class Dublin. Though the lives he chronicles are harsh and chaotic, Parkinson renders it all with delight, exuberance and a winning affection.

  • Rob Doyle, author of Here Are the Young Men.

The Blocks, by Karl Parkinson, is published by New Binary Press, and is available in all good book shops now or see www.newbinarypress.com