Bathroom company want to redo captive Katy's loo

Bathroom company want to redo captive Katy's loo

In the wake of a Mayo bus company’s move to free Fair City’s Katy, a bathroom business has now gotten in on the action by offering to revamp her loo.

The long-running saga has been a social media storm with the #FreeKaty hashtag trending and calls being made for RTE to end the kidnap storyline once and for all. 

Tonight's episode follows a one hour special on Sunday where Katy failed in an escape bid. 

And earlier today Sonas Bathrooms called on RTE to either let Katy go or allow them to come in and do a makeover so that she's at least comfortable in her makeshift prison. 

Dermot Usher, owner of Sonas said: "We've been keeping an eye on this for ages and one thing that pops out at us every time we see poor Katy in captivity is the God awful state of the bathroom. The poor girl must be going mad in that hovel.

He added: "We're calling on RTE to either free her or get Ciaran to do a makeover with Sonas products to make her more comfortable in there.

“We could even get Dermot Bannon involved and double up for an episode of Room to Improve!"