All the winners of our brilliant Advent Calendar giveaway

Win every day from now to Christmas with
Win every day from now to Christmas with

Introducing the Online Advent Calendar; 24 consecutive days of incredible, festive prizes.

This one-of-a-kind promotion kicks off on Thursday December 1st and will run right up until Christmas Eve, Saturday 24th December 2016.

Running exclusively on &, this is an Advent Calendar with a difference. Hidden behind each door is an amazing prize that must be won before Christmas; the perfect opportunity to get your hands on an early Christmas present for friends & family…or keep all for yourself!


WINNER DAY 1: Darren Creaven, Galway

WINNER DAY 2: Karen Fitzgerald -
WINNER DAY 3: Ann Shannon -
WINNER DAY 4: Catherine Ross -
WINNER DAY 5: Sonya Shannon -

WINNER DAY 6: Liam Murphy

WINNER DAY 7: Michael Breen -
WINNER DAY 8: Emma Kelly
WINNER DAY 9: Mary O'Donovan
WINNER DAY 10: Jane Redmond
WINNER DAY 11: Joan Smith
WINNER DAY 12: Jenny Beaton

WINNER DAY 13: Frank Murray -
WINNER DAY 14: Barbara Collins 
WINNER DAY 15: Anne Scott -
WINNER DAY 16: Sandra Gough -
WINNER DAY 17: Bernie Holohan -
WINNER DAY 18: Lucy Murray -
WINNER DAY 19: Judi Guilfoyle -
WINNER DAY 20: Caroline Roche -

WINNER DAY 21:Shauna Mc Donnell
WINNER DAY 22:Kat Bradley
WINNER DAY 23:Patricia Quigley
WINNER DAY 24: Mark McAvoy